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Sunday, March 6, 2016


At the end of February, the "Big Move" was approaching fast. To prepare my ranchu for a two day journey, I purchased two plastic storage containers with snap on lids. After drilling several venting holes through the lids, I filled each with about 15 gal (57 L) of water, added Prime de-chlorinator and aeration, and transferred the ranchu into them. We where planning to drive late afternoon on Friday, so I had my fish in containers by Thursday morning. No food was given, to purge the fish from excrements. This helps to keep the water clean and with less ammonia build up. Since goldfish will eat back their excrements (read my earlier post "Poopie Monster") I periodically syphoned any derbies.

After the U-Haul truck was loaded and ready to depart, I combined my eight ranchu into one of the two plastic containers and filled it less than 3/4 of its high with fresh dechlorinated water. Container with fish was placed into another container for strength. Lid on. I had it set up on the middle seat of the driver's cabin.

You really become a good driver, when traveling with fish. Quickly you learn to brake and accelerate smoothly. Still, have a couple of towels on hand if the lid isn't airtight.

We did stopped midway for the night and I brought my ranchu inside the motel room and set it with a couple of airstones for the night. Still no food was given! Saturday early morning we were on the road, arriving to our new home in the evening. I had my friend fill a couple of children's pools with the well water from the property and let it sit for a day.

About the well water that I am going to be using. Some of the parameters are

pH - 7.5-7.8
Hardiness - 55 grains per gallon
TD Solids - 985-1000
Iron - 0.5 per million

A month prior to bringing my ranchu to Florida, I made an experiment to hard test my well water. I bought several goldfish from a local Petsmart and kept them for a two weeks in the well water. The fish were doing great! As I was feeling guilty for using these fishes as an experiment, I fed them well and they grew noticeably.

So, here I was, on Saturday night letting my precious ranchu in the water where they will be living and breeding. I set up their original 8 x 2 ft (2.4 x 0.6 m) fiberglass pond and it has been a week since they are in the well water. The ranchu are doing great! As the day temperatures in Florida are warmer than they were in my Washington DC apartment, ranchu's appetite has doubled.

With all this, I have to get used to one thing - NO WATER CONDITIONERS!!! I no longer have to use any de-chlorinators. The well water gets aerated as soon as it is pumped out and can be used straight as is.

First big step is taken, lot's more work ahead.

Storage containers for transporting my ranchu.
Venting holes on the lid.

High Ranchu purging before the trip.

Necessary equipment while traveling: dozing syringe, water conditioner, digital infrared thermometer, air pump, airstone (not shown).

Storage container with ranchu in U-Haul cabin.

Finally, High Ranchu arrived. Temporary home, before their pond is set up.