Art by Alexander Vasiljev, Copyright © 2017


Saturday, December 20, 2014


Winter time! Elsewhere it might mean cold and snow, but here in Washington, DC it is still mild, camellias are in bloom. Outside temperatures have been fluctuating between 30s, high 40s and low 50s (0-10 C). With the water temperature in my pond at 62-63 F (16.5-17 C), I feed Azayaka pellets once a day, the rest of the time the ranchu graze on algae and rest. Although, the water temperature isn't as low to allow hibernation, my ranchu have noticeably slowed their activities. In a week, I am going to start again feeding them frozen bloodworms, supplementing with a smaller amount of Azayaka pellets until warmer time. Hopefully by then the spawning will begin, which is usually spring in my case.

With less feedings the water change regiment is adjusted. In the winer, I perform 100% water change only every second week, instead of every week like I do the rest of the year. The bio filter is working well and the UV sterilizer is always on, maintain a good water quality. In addition, I remove poop from the bottom of the pond each morning. Clay is added once a week. 

For those of us whose ranchu aren't covered in snow and hibernating, it is a good time to enjoy them more and contemplate their beauty. Now is a less laborious time, but also the time to make sure that everything is in check, as the spawing season is just around the corner.