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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


As more and more of my BBR are coloring up, I have researched the web and compiled a diagram of various color patterns found in Japanese TVR. This diagram may not cover every color combination and pattern, but I hope that it highlights the most common and identifiable patterns.

Diagram legend: red is red, white is white, yellow is yellow, gray is red or white, or a combination of red and white.

Pattern names in Japanese and English and their descriptions:

1.    Shoujou or Orangutan - all red
2.    Sarasa-aka or Red Mottled with White
3.    Hara-shiro or White Belly - red with white abdomen
4.    Moto-aka or Red Base Tail - base portion of a tail is red
5.    Koshi-shiro or White Lumbar - lower back and tail peduncle is white
6.    Tsutsu-shiro or White Tail Peduncle
7.    Men-shiro or White Mask - white head
8.    Diamond - sizable white rectangle on top of red head
9.    Komado or Small Window - small rectangle on top of red head
10.  Tsura-shiro or White Cheeks - red head with funtan and sides of the head white
11.  Kabuki - white head with funtan and sides of the head red
12.  Ichimonji-shiro or Straight White Line, red head
13.  Ichimonji-aka or Red Straight Line, white head
14.  Kougai or Hairpin - one funtan is red
15.  Kuchibeni or Lipstick - red outlined mouth on the white head
16.  Sarasa-shiro or White Mottled with Red
17.  Azuki or Adzuki Red Beans - isolated red scales on white body
18.  Men-kaburi or Headdress - red head with white body
19.  Tonchou or Japanese Crane - red spot in the middle of the white head
20.  Hinomaru or Japanese Flag - red spot on the white back
21.  Rocuuroko or Six Fins - red pectoral, pelvic and caudal fins with white body
22.  Shiro or White
23.  Ki-gashira or Yellow Head
24.  Kiniro or Golden - golden color body, parts of the head and fins