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Saturday, March 14, 2015


Hopefully we had the last snow storm and the spring will now prevail. This year's winter in DC was cold and the water temperature in my indoor pond lingered between 58-62 F (14-17C). The ranchu were slower and were fed only once a day with Azayaka Balance Pellets, free ranging the rest of the time on algae.

It's warming up now and I have increased the feedings to two times a day, with Azayaka Growth Pellets and frozen bloodworms. Occasional Wollfia is added as a supplement. Again there are plenty of algae to eat for the ranchu between the meals, which they graze off of the walls and bottom of the tank. It is noticeable how much more active the ranchu became, especially on sunny days, when the sunlight hits the tank.

There is no display of spawning beheiviour yet. But with a steady warming and longer sunny days it is a matter of time. First spring thunder storm and a water change will assure spawning motion at once.

Looking back after a long break, it seems that I have forgotten how much work it was to raise the fry, BBR and CBR. Despite that, I feel excited about going through this again, but this time with more knowledge and more purpose.

I had enough time to think about my breeding goals and the seed ranchu, creating a plan of action. My choice of ranchu have widened and I have determined a combination I would like to try in producing even better quality ranchu this year. The time will tell soon enough. Patiently awaiting the storm ...

High Ranchu video in slow motion